How to store recordings from the Smart Video Doorbell or Camera

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Using the Calex Smart app, you can record images from your Smart device. Images can be recorded manually and/or automatically. Depending on this choice, the images are then stored on the memory of your smartphone, the SD card in your Smart device or in your Cloud storage.

Manual recording

The 'Screenshot' option allows you to manually take a picture of the live image from your Smart device. This picture is stored in the Smart app on your Smartphone's memory. Through the option 'Photo album' you can look back at these images.

You can use the 'Record' option to start a video recording of the live image of your Smart device. Press 'Record' again to stop the recording. The recording will be stored in your smartphone's memory. The recorded video footage can be reviewed via the 'Photo album' option.


Automatic recording

To automatically record images, you need to install an SD card in your Smart device or subscribe to Cloud Storage.

The setting options for automated recording of live images may vary by type of the Smart device.


Recording settings
If this option is available, you can set the recording mode here. Here you can then choose from the following options:
- Event Recording
- Continuous recording


It is also possible to set a time schedule. With a time schedule you can determine on which days/times automatic recordings are made and saved on your SD card.

If you do not have the 'Recording settings' option, the Smart device will automatically make video recordings upon motion detection or the moment the doorbell rings.


Watch recordings
You can use the 'Playback' option to watch back the recorded images.

The 'Date' button opens the calendar and allows you to retrieve recordings from a specific date.

By swiping left/right on the timeline, you can review the recordings from a specific time.



Good to know

As described above, there are two types of recording options:

  1. Event recording
  2. Continuous recording

Both options are not available on all devices with a camera function. In fact, we can distinguish these devices into two types:

  1. Battery powered: devices powered by a battery
  2. Mains powered: devices powered by a mains adapter

With devices powered by a battery or battery you will only find the option for event recording, so images can only be recorded as soon as motion is detected or, for example, with a doorbell when the doorbell rings. This is with the goal of saving battery power as much as possible.
Devices that are powered by a mains adapter usually have both recording capabilities, i.e., both event and continuous recording.

As soon as Cloud Storage is used, only the event recording is available. Therefore, even with devices powered by a mains adapter, the continuous recording option is no longer available.

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