Where can I find the device id in the smart app?

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When you have a question about your smart device, we may ask for the device ID to more accurately identify the problem. This device ID is a unique identification number assigned to each smart device. The device ID to us can help us more accurately identify a problem and better help you. It can also help to resolve any problems with the device more quickly because we have access to specific information about the device and any solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

The device ID can be found in the smart app. In the smart app, go to the relevant smart device and then choose settings in the top right corner (this option can be displayed as "three dots," "a pencil" or "menu". On the next screen, then choose 'Device info'. The 'device id' is then displayed. If the 'Copy' button is displayed, you can use it to copy the id to the clipboard. If this button is not there, press the displayed code for at least 1 second, it will be copied to the clipboard. From the clipboard, you can then paste the code into an email message.

NOTE: Because not every phone displays the full device ID in the display, we do not recommend taking a screenshot.

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