Do I need to create a new account when I switch smartphones?

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We find that users often choose to create a new Calex Smart App account when they get a new smartphone, install an update to the Calex Smart App, or when they reinstall the Calex Smart App. This is usually done out of ignorance or as an automatic response to the installation process. However, it is important to note that creating a new account in these situations is absolutely unnecessary.

Once you have created a Calex Smart App account, all your linked Smart devices and Calex Smart App settings are securely stored in that account.

By simply logging into the Calex Smart App with your existing Calex Smart App account, you automatically regain access to all your previously linked Smart devices, Smart Automations and other app settings. This avoids the hassle of resetting all your devices and saves you valuable time and effort.

Login to the Calex Smart App using the email address and password you previously used to create your Calex Smart App account.

On the Calex Smart App home screen, choose the option: "Log In". Then, in the screen below, enter the email address in the "Account" field and the password for your Calex Smart App account in the "Password" field.

Select the 'I agree to Privacy Policy and User Agreement' option and then select the 'Log in' button.


In case you have forgotten the password of your Calex Smart App account, choose the option 'Forgot password'. You will then receive an email at the email address of your Calex Smart App account with a recovery code. Click here for more information on how to recover your password.


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