Energy consumption of a LED lamp

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What is the energy consumption of LED lamps?

The energy consumption of LED lamps is specified on the energy label, underlined by the pink arrow in this example. You will find the physical label on the packaging or in digital form.

Verbruik van een ledlamp
This specifies the consumption of the lamp in kilowatt hours (kWh) per 1,000 burning hours. As a comparison: an average household in the Netherlands consumed approx. 3,300 kWh in 2010.

Energy consumption of a LED lamp
Most of the time, the energy consumption of a LED lamp is considerably lower than that of a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp. And this is how LED lamps can achieve an energy saving of as much as 80%.

Saving through LED lighting
Would you like to know what you can save by making the switch to LED lighting? Make sure you use our energy consumption calculator.

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