Earning back a LED lamp

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When does my LED lamp pay for itself?
There is no general reply to the question when a LED lamp has paid back for itself; this is dependent on a number of factors. What is the wattage of the previous lighting, what is the wattage of the present LED lamp, how long does the lamp burn and what is the current energy price?

Purchase of LED lighting
Primarily, LED lighting seems to be more expensive because the purchase price is higher than that of other lamps such as halogen lamps or fluorescent tubes. However, due to the low energy consumption and long lifespan, the purchase of LED lighting works out cheaper in the long run.

Pay-back calculation for LED lamps
For an exact answer to your question, we would like to refer you to our energy consumption calculator [link naar verbruikscalculator]. You can also enter your current energy price, so that you can see immediately when you have succeeded in earning back your LED lamp.

What is the energy consumption of a LED lamp?
The energy consumption of LED lamps is specified on the energy label, underlined by the pink arrow in this example. You will find the physical label on the packaging or in digital form.

Terugverdienen van een ledlamp

This specifies the consumption of the lamp in kilowatt hours (kWh) per 1,000 burning hours. As a comparison: an average household in the Netherlands consumed approx. 3,300 kWh in 2010.

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