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We have noticed that some customers sometimes think they have not received a response from us by email. This can be frustrating, and we'd like to explain to you why this can happen and how to resolve it.

Why does my e-mail sometimes not arrive?

There are several reasons why it may appear that you have not received a response from us:

  1. Spam filters: E-mail providers have sophisticated filters that try to stop unwanted e-mails (spam). Sometimes legitimate e-mails can accidentally end up in the spam folder.
  2. Settings of your email account: Some settings may prevent certain emails from ending up in your primary inbox.
  3. Server problems: There may be temporary problems with the email servers on our or your end, causing emails to be delayed or not arrive.

How do I check if the email is in my spam folder?

Follow these steps to check if our email has accidentally landed in your spam folder:

  1. Open your email account: Log in to your email account via your web browser or email app.
  2. Go to the spam folder: Look for a folder called “Spam,” “Junk e-mail,” or something similar. This is usually located on the side or menu of your e-mail interface.
  3. Search for our email: Please check for emails from us in this folder. You can often do this by searching for our email address 'support@calexsupport.zendesk.com' or for specific keywords.

How do I prevent future emails from ending up in the spam folder?

If you don't want to miss our emails in the future, you can take the following steps:

  1. Mark our email as 'Not spam': If you find an email from us in your spam folder, please mark it as “Not Spam” or “No Junk Email. This signals to your e-mail provider that our e-mails are trustworthy.
  2. Add us to your contacts: Please add our email address 'support@calexsupport.zendesk.com' to your list of contacts or address book. This helps to recognize our emails as important.
  3. Create a filter or rule: Some e-mail providers let you set filters or rules that ensure e-mails from specific senders always end up in your inbox.

We hope this explanation helps you resolve any issues you may have with our e-mail communications. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you ask us a question, please keep in mind that we are only available during business hours on weekdays. This means that we are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (CET).

If you submit your question to us outside of these times, such as in the evening, on weekends, or on holidays, you may not receive an immediate response. We will not see and answer your question until we are back in the office. Thank you for your understanding!

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