Price difference between LED lamps and standard lamps

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How can the price difference between LED lamps and standard be accounted for?
Primarily, LED lighting seems to be more costly because its purchasing price is higher than that of other types of lighting such as halogen lamps or fluorescent tubes. However, due to the low energy consumption and long lifetime, the purchase of LED lighting works out cheaper eventually. Price differences between a LED lamp and a standard lamp may be substantial; prices of a 60 Watt incandescent lamp vary between € 1.00 and € 4.00, whereas prices of a 60 Watt LED lamp tend to vary between € 25.00 and € 60.00. How can this major price difference be accounted for?

Price differences between LED lamps and standard lamps
A LED lamp comprises many more parts than a regular lamp. A LED lamp is a piece of high-grade technology, whereas an incandescent lamp boils down to a gas-filled housing with a carbon filament. The higher costs of LED lamps are mainly due to the development of increasingly compact chips. In addition, the extra resistors and cooling housing also entail extra costs, making LED lamps more expensive than traditional incandescent lamps. Then again, the price is counterbalanced by a more energy-efficient lamp with a longer lifetime and LED lamps are therefore cheaper throughout their lifespan.

Pay-back calculation for LED lamps
We would like to refer you to our energy consumption calculator, where you can see when you have earned your LED lamp back. Here, you can also enter your current energy price, providing a direct insight into your saving through LED lighting.

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