Blinking LED lamp on film

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Sometimes we receive questions about blinking LED lamps on film. This may occur on an indoor movie, or e.g. a movie showing the rear of a car, of which the rear lights blink on film. This is the case for some LED lamps. There is no solution yet, but there is a proper explanation of this phenomenon.

Blinking LED lamps on film
LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. By applying voltage to it, it emits a light briefly, without glowing/burning. As opposed to a lamp that lights up/glows permanently through voltage (such as an incandescent lamp or halogen lamp), the LED lamp blinks very rapidly. This is hardly visible to the naked eye, but a camera reinforces the blinking effect because of the limited number of frames. Consequently, there will always be a frame without a burning LED and this is what causes the blinking effect on film.

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