How do I connect my Doorbell Chime

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1 Status light

2 Speaker

3 Pairing button: Press for 5 second to restore to Factory Settings. Press 1-2 seconds to pair with the door bell.

4 Volume button: Press to adjust volume (looped)

5 Ringtone button: Press to switch between 4 ringtones

6 Micro USB port


Pair your Chime with your Smart Doorbell

  1. Install 3 AA batteries (not included). Press the pairing button for 1-2 seconds. The red status light will blink slowly.
  2. Press the door bell button to pair. Once the status light dims a jingle will play and pairing is successful.

The blue status light will flash when a jingle plays The volume starts at maximum volume (> 80 Db).

Pressing the volume button will lower the volume, then go back to the maximum volume.

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