Video image is black and white

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If the image from your doorbell or camera is displayed in black and white during the day, the infrared night vision function is probably set to OPEN. If you set this function to automatic, the night vision function only becomes active as soon as it gets dark.


You change this function as follows:

  • Start in the 'My Home' tab
  • Tap the doorbell/camera in question to open the configuration menu
  • Tap the 3 dots or pencil symbol in the top right, a settings page opens
  • Scroll down to 'Infrared night vision function' and tap it
  • Here, select:
    1) Automatic - Night vision mode becomes active as soon as it gets dark
    2) Close - Colour image is displayed day and night
    3) Open - Black/white image is shown day and night as night vision mode
  • Tap the arrow (<) at the top left 3 times to return to the 'My Home' tab.

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