Pairing doorbell/camera in EZ mode if QR Code scanning fails

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Should you fail to connect the doorbell or camera to your 2.4GHz wifi network via the Calex App by scanning the QR-Code, we advise you to apply EZ mode. In EZ mode, you can manually determine the choice of wifi network. Newer models of doorbell/cameras may display the text 'wifi mode' instead of EZ mode.


This is how you pair the doorbell/camera in EZ mode:

  • Reset the doorbell/camera before you start
  • Start in the 'My Home' tab
  • Tap the + sign at the top right and select Add device
  • In the left-hand column, select the 'Security' group
  • Select the video doorbell/camera you own here after which a screen will open to reset the device
  • Tap the add method at the top right and select EZ mode (instead of QR Code for Camera)
  • Check that the LED on doorbell/camera is flashing and confirm by ticking 'Next Step' and then tap 'Next'.
  • In the opened screen, select the 2.4GHz network, enter the password and tap Next
  • In the pop-up warning about the 5GHz network that opens, tap 'Continue'
  • The doorbell/camera will now be searched and an audio signal will sound when pairing with the network is successful
  • The next screen will show the doorbell/camera with a request to add it to the Calex App, tap Add
  • On the opened screen, you can edit the name if necessary, then tap Finish
  • The doorbell/camera settings screen will now be shown
  • Tap (<) at the top left once to return to the 'My Home' tab.

The pairing process is only active for 10 minutes, should you fail to pair the doorbell or camera within this time, you will need to reset the doorbell or camera again on the next attempt.

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