How many products can I link to my Calex app, is there a limit?

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We sometimes get asked how many smart devices can be linked in the Calex Smart App and if there are certain limits in the Calex Smart App. Those limits are certainly there, but are so broad that an average user will never run into them.

Below we have listed the main limits that apply in the Calex Smart App:

  • Timers per device:
    You can add up to 30 timers to a single device.
  • Devices per house:
    In a single home, you can add up to 200 devices.
  • Tap-to-Run actions:
    Each house can create up to 100 Tap-to-Run actions.
  • Smart Automations:
    You can create up to 100 automations in a single home.
  • Tasks in a Tap-to-Run:
    A Tap-to-Run action can contain a maximum of 150 tasks.
  • Tasks in Automations:
    Each automation can contain a maximum of 150 tasks.
  • Conditions in Automations:
    Up to 10 conditions can be added to an automation.
  • Simultaneous logins of mobile devices:
    Up to 200 mobile devices can be logged into an account simultaneously.
  • Homes per account:
    A single account can create a maximum of 20 homes.
  • Members per home:
    Up to 20 members can be added in a single home.
  • Rooms per home:
    You can create a maximum of 20 rooms in a single home.
  • Devices per room:
    Up to 50 devices can be added to a single room.
  • Devices per device group:
    Each device group can contain up to 100 devices.
  • Device groups per house:
    You can create up to 20 device groups in a single home.
  • Sharing device groups:
    Each device group can be shared with up to 20 other users.
  • Device sharing:
    Each device can be shared with up to 20 other users.
  • Invitations per account:
    A single user can be invited by up to 20 other users.

So keep these limits in mind when setting up your smart home devices in the Calex Smart App.

In addition, you also need to consider the maximum capacity of your Wi-Fi router. A standard Wi-Fi router can usually support between 20 and 30 devices connected at the same time. When more devices are added, the performance and speed of the network may decrease. It is therefore important to manage the number of simultaneous connections and, if necessary, choose a router capable of supporting a larger number of devices or opt for a solid Wi-Fi Mesh system.

If you still have questions about this, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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