Smart Power Plug use as detector of power failure

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Power outages can have unpleasant consequences, think of a refrigerator or freezer defrosting the moment the power goes out, or an aquarium running out of oxygen. If you use a Calex smart plug (Smart Power Plug), you can set it up via the menu to receive a notification on your phone should the power go out. This can be especially handy in case you are not at home so you can take immediate action.

You simply plug your device into the Smart Power Plug which you then plug into the wall outlet. Make sure that the device you connect does not exceed the maximum load of the Smart Power Plug.

To set up an "Offline notification" perform the actions below:

  • Make sure the Smart Power Plug is added to the Calex App
  • Make sure "Push notifications" is on in your account settings
  • From startscreen, go to the control screen of the Smart Power Plug
  • Click on the edit icon at the top right
  • On the edit page turn on "Offline notification
  • A pop-up follows that you will receive a notification as soon as the Smart Power Plug is
    power off, click OK
  • Click < To close the edit page
  • Click < To exit the control screen

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