Why can't I see my camera images over the cell phone network?

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With the Calex Smart app, you can easily view images from your video doorbell and camera on your smartphone. However, these images may only be viewable when connected to your own Wi-Fi network. When you are outdoors and your smartphone switches to the 4G/5G mobile network, the images may not be able to be displayed.

In this most situations this is caused by the Calex Smart App not having rights to use data over your mobile network, this is then easily solved. How to do this is explained below:

Go to your iPhone's 'Settings' and under apps, select the 'Calex Smart' app. Make sure the 'Mobile data' option is enabled here.

Go to the 'Settings' of your Android Smartphone, under apps select the 'Calex Smart' app and then select 'Mobile data'. Make sure data usage options are enabled here. Depending on the brand and type of smartphone, these options may vary.

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