Can I also manually issue a portion?

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With the Smart Pet Feeder, not only can you set a schedule to feed automatically, but you can also manually feed a portion to your pet. This can be useful if your pet needs extra food or if you want to adjust the feeding schedule.

To feed manually, you can press the Feed button on the feeder or set a manual portion of food through your smart app. The Smart Pet Feeder will then dispense the desired amount of food and your pet can eat it right away.

Note that manual feeding should not be a substitute for setting a regular feeding schedule. In fact, a regular schedule helps to teach your pet a healthy eating pattern and prevent obesity. However, manual feeding can be useful in certain situations, such as when training your pet or if you want to give him/her extra food as a reward.

To manually feed one or more servings from your Smart app, on the main screen press the buttonmceclip6.png

Then choose the desired number of portions and press the Feed button.





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