How to connect your smart bulbs/devices to the app

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There are 3 ways to connect your new Smart items with the free Calex app.

Bluetooth pairing

This is the easiest way of connecting your Calex smart items to the Calex app.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet.
Step 2: Open the Calex app and choose the item you want to pair. The product will immediately be visible in the app for adding.
Step 3: Click on the item and wait for it to be linked. This step also works with multiple items at once.

Unfortunately this is not yet possible with all items. Excluded for Bluetooth pairing are:
– Cameras
– Sensors
– Siren
– Smoke detector

EZ mode (Default)

In this video we describe how connecting your smart item works in EZ mode.



For other Calex smart products, watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

AP Mode

This video will help you install your lamps or devices using the AP mode. Use the AP mode when you can’t connect your device or lamp using the EZ mode (wifi 2.4 ghz).

Still can’t get your smart item to connect?

If the lamps or devices do not connect (after resetting), it is important to check whether you are using a 2.4GHz connection. If this is the case, the problem may lie with the router. First check how many devices are connected to the router. Are there more than 20? Then the problem is probably that the router is carrying too many devices. In this case, we recommend purchasing an additional Wi-Fi Acces point. If the problem lies in the router’s settings, contact the provider for more information.

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