How to set Do-Not-Disturb schedule

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A "Do-not-disturb" schedule provides versatile functionality for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use it to not receive motion notifications from your video doorbell during specific hours, allowing you to rest or work undisturbed without interruptions.

In addition, it is useful for Smart Devices where you cannot disable push notifications directly on the device. With a "Do-not-disturb" schedule, you can easily regulate the notifications for that specific device for the desired period of time, keeping control of your notifications without affecting the functionality of the Smart Devices themselves. This can come in handy, for example, when you want to sleep undisturbed at night or not be disturbed during important meetings.

This flexible schedule allows you to tailor notifications to your needs while maintaining the normal operation of the Smart Devices.

In the bottom right of the main screen, choose the option 'Account'.
Then choose the mceclip3.png symbol in the top right.
Go to the 'App Notification' option

Select the 'Do-Not-Disturb Schedule' option. This option becomes visible only if the 'Alarm' option is enabled.


Do-not-disturb devices
Here you can select the devices for which you want to disable alarm notifications. Here you have the option to set this per device or at once for all devices.

Here you determine for which days the set schedule should be maintained.
Then set the start and end time of the schedule.

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