Why am I not receiving notifications from my doorbell/camera on my smartphone?

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It may happen that you no longer receive push notifications or other notifications such as from your doorbell, camera or other smart devices on your smartphone. In most cases this is caused by incorrect settings on your smartphone. Below we explain how to fix this.

  1. Verify that your mobile phone allows the Calex Smart App to push messages.
  2. Please confirm to open the message push settings in the Calex Smart App:
    - Open the App
    - Tap "Account" at the bottom right
    - Tap "Message Center"
    - Tap "Settings" in the upper right
    - Enable Device Alert
  3. Check Notifications Settings, whether Do-Not-Disturb Schedule was on.
  4. If your mobile phone and device allow the App to push messages but do not receive any messages, check whether the App message center has new message notifications.
  5. Some Android mobile phone systems will compulsorily judge our App push as marketing information, thereby forcibly turning off push and sound/vibration reminders.
  6. Due to limitations of some Android systems, some Android phones can only receive up to 24 App push messages. If these push messages are not cleared, the phone will not be able to receive new App push messages.


Note: If your device is a smart doorbell or smart camera, and you cannot receive the incoming call. This is caused by the restrictions imposed by the mobile phone on our App. You only need to open the App, and you will receive the incoming call normally.


The power saving function of some Android phones will close the background process of the App, which is also the reason why you cannot receive the App push:

  1. Please turn off the power saving function in the settings, or add the Calex Smart App to the white list of the power saving function (if there is no white list function, you need to turn off the power saving function).
  2. Please lock the background process of the Calex Smart App on the background management page of the Android phone, so that the Android system will not automatically close the background process of the Calex Smart App (Android systems with this function can see the "lock" mark on the background process of the Calex Smart App ).
  3. Please allow the Calex Smart App to start automatically in the system settings of the Android phone, otherwise the Android system will periodically shut down the background process of the unused Calex Smart App, which will also affect the push messages from Calex Smart App.

The following is the specific setting process of some common mobile phone brands.

  1. Samsung
  2. Xiaomi


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