Is there a way that my bulbs will turn on and off when the movement sensor detects moving?

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You can connect your smart lighting with the movement sensor in the app! This is great for if you come home when it’s dark and you have to search for your keys. How? Read it below!

It’s possible to make automations by the following steps:
Smart > Automation > Plus icon right at the top ⊕ > Launch tap-to-Run > Run the device > Choose the desired lamp > Switch > ON > Save.
Then you will need to set a delay. Follow the beneath mentioned plan step by step:
Automation > plus icon right at the top ⊕ > Launch tap-to-Run > Delay > Set the desired delay > Next > Save.
At the end, you can set the automation off by follow the first step by step plan. Instead of ‘on’ you choose ‘off’.


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