How do I connect my smart remote to my app and lights?

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The Calex Smart Remote can be paired with smart bulbs and smart power plugs.

Make sure the lamps or power plugs are on and receive a good Wi-Fi signal. This is the only way to connect the lamps to the remote control. The Smart Remote itself is not visible in the app.



  1. Make sure the lamp or power plug is connected to the Calex app.
  2. Turn the lamp or power plug off completely 1 time (interrupt the power supply).
  3. Wait 5 seconds and then turn the lamp or power plug back on.
  4. On the smart remote, press the ON button for 5-7 seconds until the indicator flashes.

    Now the lamp flashes once and the connection is successful. At the power plug, the LED flashes.



Press the OFF button on the Smart Remote for 5 seconds until the indicator flashes. The Smart Remote is then disconnected.
In case you have connected the Smart Remote to multiple lamps and/or power plugs they will all be disconnected. If you only want to disconnect one lamp or power plug, make sure that the other lamps and power plugs are completely switched off by disconnecting their power supply.

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