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To remove a timer from a scene or lamp menu, follow these steps:

A scene that includes a timer is easily deleted completely:

  • Start in the 'Smart' tab
  • Tap the scene you want to delete
  • Slide the screen up until you see the 'More Settings' option in view
  • Tap 'More Settings'
  • Tap 'Delete Smart' and confirm your choice
  • After confirming, you will automatically return to the 'Smart' tab


There may also be a timer set in the lamp settings page. To view and adjust/remove that, follow the steps below:

  • Start in the 'Home' tab
  • Find the lamp in question and tap it (the lamp control screen opens)
  • Tap 'Timer' or 'Schedule' in the lower right corner
  • Check if timers have been added here
  • If timers are listed:
  • Tap the set timer to change the timer settings
  • Tap the arrow (<) at the top left once to close the timer setting
  • To remove the timer press for 2 seconds and confirm your selection
  • Tap the arrow (<) in the upper left corner 2x to return to the 'Home' tab

If no timers are listed, you can add a timer here, but to avoid oversight and circuit references, we recommend setting a timer from the 'Smart' tab as a scene/automation.

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