Can I charge my Smart devices with a USB fast charger?

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Not all smart devices support USB fast chargers yet.

If your smart device does not support USB fast chargers, using a USB fast charger may result in slow charging or even no charging of your smart device.

A fast charger is designed to provide higher power than a standard USB charger. To do this, it uses different charging protocols, such as Quick Charge or Power Delivery. These protocols communicate with the device to determine how much power to deliver. However, these protocols are not yet supported by all smart devices, therefore the device may end up in a slower charging mode or not charge at all

Therefore, it is generally safer to use the standard USB charger that came with your smart device. These chargers are designed specifically for the device and have been tested to be compatible. If no charger is included or the original charger is not available, it is advisable to use a standard 5-volt USB charger with at least 1 amp. This ensures a safe and reliable charging experience without the risk of damaging the device.



Example USB fast charger:



Example standard USB 5V charger:

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