How do I clear the Calex App's cache?

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It may occur that you may need to clear the cache of the Calex App on your phone. Doing so will clear all menu screens of added lamps and devices stored in the cache on your phone. Next time you open the Calex App and want to access a lamp menu from the HOME screen, you'll notice that it takes a little longer once because the menu screen is retrieved from the cloud.

To clear the cache, proceed as follows:

  • From the HOME screen, tap Profile and the profile page will open
  • At the top right, tap the nut icon
  • At the bottom tap Empty cache
  • Tap the < arrow at the top left to return to the profile page
  • Now close the Calex App (also close it from the list of open apps on your phone)
  • Restart the Calex App
  • Tap any lamp or device in the HOME screen
  • The new Lamp Menu is now loaded (you'll see the load percentage increase)
  • Your lamp or device is ready for use.

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