CCTV multi channel viewing

When watching CCTV on 4, 9 or 16 channel view can the order of the screens be re-arranged? Just each time I add a new camera it goes in position 1 (top left of screen) but I would like to group my camera’s for easier viewing.


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    Hi Frank,

    It is possible to change the order of the cameras. You can do this by adding them to a 'room' and within the 'room' put the cameras in the correct order. This order is then also maintained in the multi camera screen.

    With kind regards,
    Brian - Calex Community Team

  • Hi Brian, did what you suggested but cams are all in the same order. Created a room called ‘cctv’ and put all my cams in it. Then clicked the cam button on Home Screen to get multi-view. Then used the drop down menu to change from ‘all cameras’ to ‘cctv’ but they were all in the same order. Tried re-arranging them several times with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help

  • Hi Frank,

    Strange that this doesn't work.

    This is something we'll have to figure out further. I'll create a ticket of your report, then we'll take it from there. We may need some information from you which we better not share here.

    With kind regards,
    Brian - Calex Community Team


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