Tap to run confirmation popup crash

I've updated to app 2.0.2(international) and on an old Lenovo E7 tablet (TB-7104F) running Android 8.1.0 with 1GB RAM. When a configured 'tap to run' executes 'lighting scene all on' + 'plug switch on', the devices switch on but the pop-up confirmation causes the app to crash. It draws the confirmation box and the two rows showing the script elements being successful but crashes before it can draw the 'ok' button to dismiss the pop-up, which is modal (you must click OK to return to the app). So I have to force close the app in that state. Works OK on newer phones / tablets. As a feature request, can tap to run have an option to NOT show the confirmation pop-up? Lighting scene actions don't do a confirmation pop-up (silent execution) so it would be nice to br able to make 'tap to run' scripts silent execute too.



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    Hi Peter,

    First, apologies for the late response.

    A new version of the Calex Smart App is now available in both the Apple and Google App stores. Can you still repeat this problem in the latest version of the Calex Smart App?

    Should this problem still occur in the latest version I would be happy to review with you what is causing this and how we can fix it for you. However, I need some more information from you which we can better not share here.
    In that case I would like to ask you to submit a support request via https://help.calex.eu and choose 'Submit a request' in the top right corner.  Then we can take it from there and fix it.

    With kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

  • Hi Brian,

    Yes, version 2.0.5(international) has fixed this problem on that old Lenovo tablet. It now does not get stuck on that "ok" prompt.

  • Hi Peter,

    Great, thanks for your feedback.

    With kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team


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