Smart wall switch only connects to half of my lamps

Hi there, i have installed 4 calex GU10 ceiling spots, to which I wanted to connect a square white wall switch (it has an on, off, and dim function). You can connect this wall switch to your desired lamps by physically killing the power supply of these lamps (so with a regular switch) for 30 seconds, and then hit reset on the wall switch for 5 seconds. After that the switch is supposed to be connected to the lamps that are on at that time (provided they are registered in the calex app at that point).

The problem I now have, is that the wall switch only connects to 2 out of 4 lamps. I can control each individual lamp in the calex app, or in grouped control. However, the wall switch only controls 2 out of 4 lamps. How can this be resolved?



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    Hi Bo,

    Sorry to hear that you have not been able to connect all your Calex Smart GU10 spots to your Calex Smart Wall Switch.

    We would like to support you with this. For this we need specific information from you which we can better not share here. Therefore I would like to ask you to submit a support request via and choose 'Submit a request'.

    With kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

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