More picture options in the app please!

Would it be possible to get more tap-to-run icons (game controller for example) and give us some pre-installed icons to change the device image too?

I've bought several individual UK smart plugs over the space of a few years and they all work pretty well. However, annoyingly some of them seem to be running different firmware than the others (2.0.1 vs 1.1.1) and some plugs show up as UK plugs but others show up as EU sockets with a different icon in the app. Some plugs also have a power button in the list view but others don't which is quite annoying and lack the features of the other plugs like inching, etc.

If this is a hardware version difference limiting the features I understand, but it would be nice if we could select some pre-installed images (similar to the tap-to-run icons for routines) for the plugs instead of having to take pictures or upload icons.




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    Dear Andy,

    In the current version of the Calex SMART app you have the possibility to link your own image or icon per device, unfortunately it is not yet possible to choose from a set of standard icons. But this is a nice wish that we have hereby noted for a next version of the Calex Smart app.

    Regarding the differences you are seeing with the Smart Plugs I advise you to contact our support department, to look into this and to solve it we need specific data from you which we cannot share here. I advise you to submit a request via and choose 'Submit a request'.  We will gladly take it from there.

    Kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

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