Calex Smart Device APIs

Do Calex Zigbee and/or WiFi devices have an API?
I see they can be controlled by Alexa and Google Home (and Siri) but wondered if there were other ways to talk to Calex devices.
What is the relationship between Tuya and Calex?




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    Dear Mr. Graeme Pinnock

    Currently, our Wi-Fi devices do not have a public API. Our Calex SMART devices can be controlled via the Calex SMART app and indeed also via Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri Shortcuts.

    However, we are continuously working on making our devices even smarter. Keep an eye on our website and Social Media channels for all new developments.

    Our relation with Tuya is that we are partnering with Tuya.

    Kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

  • I acknowledge you have no public API but do you have a program for developers/integrators? Is this something handled by Calex or Tuya? 

    Kind regards,

    Graeme Pinnock 

  • Dear Graeme Pinnock,

    At this time, we do not have a program for developers/integrators.
    For information on public APIs, I refer you to Tuya's developer documentation.

    Kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team


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