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Would it be possible to include an "always on" toggle for devices? My router is plugged in to a 4-gang socket and if I accidentally hit the power button or my smart speaker misunderstands me all the devices go off including the router. It would be nice to have a toggle for important devices so that they are permanently on


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    Dear Andy Wrayman,

    Your question is clear to me and for the application you describe, this is indeed a very useful functionality. At this time this feature is not supported for our current multiple socket power strips, we are looking into adding this functionality for these existing versions.

    There will soon be a new version of our multi socket power strips on the market where this is possible. This new version also includes energy metering and a USB fast charger.

    Keep an eye on our website and social media for these new developments.

    Kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

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  • Glad to hear it, thanks for your response!


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