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Lux (Latin for light) is the amount of lumen beamed onto a surface of 1 m2, also known as lighting power. One lux equals one lumen per m2. Why then is this value not specified on packaging, you may well wonder? The reason for this is that the calculation for lux contains a variable, viz. the distance to the light source. And since this distance may differ per consumer, we cannot possibly specify a general value. This means that the other light units that are effectively stated on the packaging provide more information.

We herewith sketch some situations in order to give you at least some idea of lux:

Sun Light 100.000 lux
Day Light 15.000 lux
Full Moon 0,1 Lux

Candela is the unit that is more universal in that respect. Candela is the basic unit in terms of calculation of light.

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