How do I reset an LED Strip?

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CAUTION: To reset the Outdoor Mesh LED Strip, use these instructions.


Resetting a LED Strip is done by taking the plug/adapter in and out of the socket. Of course, you can also use a socket with a switch to de-energise the LED Strip, which works a little easier.


The procedure is as follows:

  • Make sure the LED Strip is ON and then turn it OFF by unplugging it from the socket
  • Wait for 5 seconds
  • Insert the plug into the socket (ON) and pull the plug OUT/OFF again (within 2 seconds)
  • 1 second wait
  • Plug in (ON) and unplug again OUT/OFF (within 2 seconds)
  • Wait for 1 second
  • Insert the plug into the socket (The LED Strip will now flash and is in pairing mode)
  • After this, you can add/pair the LED Strip to the Calex App.

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