Reviewing video recordings, expanding timeline and creating export

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To be able to watch back and export video recordings from the Calex App as .MP4 files, proceed as follows:

  • Start in the 'My Home' tab.
  • Tap the camera in question to open the settings menu.
  • Maximise the 'options window' by tapping this symbol at the bottom right: Opties Maximaliseren.jpg
  • Tap the Playback button with this symbol: Plaback knop.jpg
  • A timeline appears showing the entire recording, if you have selected 'continuous recording', or the individual fragments if you have enabled 'recording case' in the camera menu settings.
  • By moving the timeline under the pointer (blue line), you can go to the right time to view the captured recording.

    Video normaal.jpg
  • Enlarge or shrink the timeline by making a reverse pinch with two fingers (Pinching). This way you can move through your recordings/clips more precisely.

    Video vergroten.jpg

Exporting a video recording

  • If you want to export a recording for viewing on another device, slide the timeline under the pointer (blue line) to the beginning of the section you want to export.

  • Tap the record/camera icon  Camera symbool.jpg  to start recording.

    Once the recording has started, the camera icon turns orange  Camera symbool rood.jpg  and a timer starts running with a red blinking dot:

    Recording timer.jpg

  • Tap the orange camera icon  Camera symbool rood.jpg  to stop recording.

  • Once the recording has stopped, you get a confirmation that the video has been saved to the 'My album' folder on the phone you used to record it and you get a pop-up notification to open the album (See album).

    'My album' can also be accessed from the 'options window' by tapping Gallery.

  • In the opened album, tap the corresponding exported video after which it opens in a playback screen. Here you can play, delete or share/send the video.

  • Tap the send icon in the bottom right corner  Verzend knop.jpg  to share/send the video.
    Then choose your personal app to which you want to send the video as an .MP4 file.

  • Some sharing apps cause the Calex app to be moved to the background, make sure the Calex app is active again after exporting.

  • Tap the arrow symbol (<) at the top left 4 times to return to the 'My Home' tab.

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