Which transformer should you use for LED lighting?

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Which transformer should you use for LED lighting?
When you decide to start using LED lighting, it is important that you think carefully about the voltage and the different transformers that you can use for 12V LED lighting. There are two transformers that can be used for LED lighting.

Transformer for LED lighting
1. The LED transformer
The LED transformer, also known as stabilised transformer, is perfectly suited to LED lighting. The absence of a minimal load and the low energy consumption are among the benefits of a LED transformer.

2. The coiled transformer
The coiled transformer (also known as ferro-magnetic transformer) can also be used for LED lighting.
So, it is possible to use 12V LED lamps with so-called coiled or ferro-magnetic transformers. Care should be taken, though, that the minimum load is actually charged on the lamps. For example, if it says 20W, then make sure that lamps with a minimum of 20W are connected. A disadvantage is that these transformers often do not give off 12V, which is very harmful to the LED lamps.                                                 It should be pointed out that the transformers show a high latent consumption while they also cause a buzzing sound. The symbol for a coiled transformer is:

 Transformator bij ledverlichting

Transformer not to be used
The electronic transformer is an example of a type of transformer that should not be used for LED lighting, because its minimum load is too substantial.

LED transformer for LED lighting
We recommend you to use a genuine LED transformer when you are using LED lighting. This transformer always works for LED lighting and at the same time you can enjoy the benefits of this transformer, such as its low energy consumption.

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