App on android phone does not work correctly

The application on android phone does not work correctly. I can't control the devices from the home screen. When I click on the power button of a device or a group, the phone vibrates but the device does not switch on or off. Also, the correct status of the device is not displayed on the home screen. I can only switch devices on/off or see the correct status by going to the device details page. I have logged this issue since 3 month already via a different channel.

The application works fine on iPhone device.



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    Hi Walid,

    We are sorry that you are experiencing these problems. We are working on a new version of the Calex Smart App which will be available shortly. In this version such issues have been addressed. I expect this problem to be solved with this version.

    If that is not the case, I would like to ask you to request support via

    With kind regards,

    Brian - Calex Community Team

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