Why do my outdoor bulbs lose connection sometimes?

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The problem may be that the lightsources are out of the range of your router. Therefore, the bulbs can’t connect to your Wi-Fi well enough. In this case, we advise buying a Wi-Fi repeater to solve the problem.

But there is also another solution. September 2021 we launched our brand new Smart Outdoor collection. Take a look in our store finder to find the store nearest to you. The collection is also available in various webshops.

Light up your garden with our warm white lighting for long, warm summer evenings and choose between 100+ color options to suit every mood. Experience a fully integrated smart system based on the Bluetooth Mesh Protocol.

Regardless of how big or small your garden is or the number of items you place, these products are interconnected and manageable from the same Calex app you use for the existing Calex Smart products.

Set your personal preferences by creating automatizations or setting timers. It’s even possible to have the lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down and turn them off again when the sun comes up! How? Learn more about this function. 

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