The promised service life of the LED lamp is not achieved, how is this possible?

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The service life of the LED lamp can be influenced by various factors. We have listed these factors for you.

The lamp becomes too hot

The lifespan of a LED lamp can be negatively affected by heat. A LED lamp produces quite a lot of heat, which is dissipated by means of cooling holes or aluminium cooling fins. If the LED lamp is placed in a fixture that is not sufficiently ventilated or even closed, the lamp cannot dissipate the heat properly and the internal parts become too hot. Eventually the lamp will fail. In this case, consider a different light source that fits the fixture better.

The lamp is controlled by an incorrect dimmer

The use of an incorrect dimmer can also negatively affect the lifespan of the LED lamp. A stable transformer provides the right voltage and therefore a basis for an optimal lifespan. Check whether your dimmer appears in the overview for the lamp in question as a suitable dimmer.

Technical defect

At Calex we do our utmost to deliver high quality products. If the previously mentioned causes have not caused the defect of your lamp, then the cause of the defect probably lies with the technique. In that case we will have to examine the lamp. We kindly ask you to fill in our complaint form. You will receive a confirmation of your complaint within 2 working days. After this confirmation, your complaint about the lifespan of the LED bulb will be dealt with within 5 working days. If your complaint is justified, we will refund the costs incurred and send you a replacement lamp.

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