Colour temperature

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Colour temperature
The colour of light is expressed in Kelvin and in point of fact, we are talking about colour temperature.

Kleur temperatuur

What tangible examples can be provided for this colour temperature? At a higher colour temperature, the light becomes a deeper blue (cooler), whereas the light becomes more yellow (warmer) at a lower colour temperature.

Please refer to some examples below.

Candle light 1200K
Sunrise 2000K
Sunrise after 1 hour 3500K
Day light 5000K
Mid-day sun 5700K
Neutral white light 6500K

The colour temperature has a great influence on the atmosphere in spaces. For example: warm light makes you quieter, whereas blue light increases your concentration.

Please refer to this overview of colour temperatures that Calex provides:

Flame 2200K
Extra warm white 2100-2500K
Warm white 2500-3000K
Cool white 4000K
Day light 6500K

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