Compatibility of dimmers and lamps

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Calex incandescent lamps and halogen lamps can be dimmed by means of all conventional dimmers. Calex LED lamps can be dimmed by means of the dimmers that are specified with the lamps. Please refer to the Calex catalogue to establish the compatibility of dimmers and lamps.

LED dimmers versus conventional dimmers
LED lamps cannot be used in combination with conventional dimmers; these are specifically meant to be used with incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. If a LED lamp is connected to a ‘normal’ dimmer, the lamp may start to blink, buzz or vibrate. The lamp may even break down. Electronics in a LED lamp work differently from those in a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp. Dimmers have to be geared to this and LED dimmers for LED lighting have the right specifications.

Dimmers for energy-saving lamps
Calex energy saving-lamps cannot be dimmed. This means that there is no suitable dimmer for energy-saving lamps. If you wish to use dimmable lamps, you will have to opt for LED lamps or halogen lamps; these types of lamp can be dimmed.

Dimming more than one LED lamp
The power of the LED dimmer is decisive for the number of LED lamps to be dimmed. A common rule of thumb is that 10% of the maximal power of the dimmer can be used to dim a number of lamps; this factor is therefore decisive for the use of dimmers. An example: a dimmer has a power of 300 Watt as a maximum. In that case, six 5 Watt LED lamps can be connected (10% of 300 Watt = 30 Watt). The number of LED lamps to be connected may differ per LED dimmer. Make sure you check this, before connecting multiple LED lamps to one single dimmer.

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