Where can I find my product's part number and batch code?

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When you contact the Calex Support Department with a question about your product, the support representative may ask for the product's article number and batch code. These numbers are essential for accurately identifying the product and providing appropriate support. 

Do not write these details down but provide a clear and legible picture of the full product details as shown below.

All Calex products come with product specifications, but the location of this information varies depending on the type of product:

1. Bulbs:
For individual bulbs, the product information, including the article number and batch code, is printed on the neck of the bulb. This is the part of the bulb near the fitting. For GU10 spotlights, just below the top edge.


2. Products with housing:
For enclosed products, such as fixtures or other smart products, the product sticker is usually placed on the back or bottom of the device. For low-voltage products, you'll usually find the product sticker on the underside of the smart module. For ceiling lights, on the inside on the ceiling plate.



Why are article numbers and batch codes important?

  • Product identification:
    The article number can be used to quickly identify the specific model of the product.
  • Quality control and follow-up:
    The batch code helps in tracking the production batch, which is essential for quality control and for possible recalls.
  • Targeted support:
    By providing this information, the support person can offer targeted solutions and advice specific to that product.


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