5401002500 Calex Smart Wall Light with Bluetooth Mesh

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Installation instructions:
> Installation only by persons with electrotechnical knowledge and experience.
> Not suitable for installation at locations near the sea or in other environments with a corrosive atmosphere.
1. Ensure the main power source is turned off.
2. Connect the device to the mains supply with the terminal block.
3. Make sure that the cables are connected securely to the terminals on the device.
4. When installation is finished, activate the power source and test the function.




5401002500_stip 1.svg

5401002500_stip 2.svg5401002500_stip 3.svg5401002500_stip 4.svg5401002500_stip 5.svg5401002500_stip 6.svg



5401002500_stip 7.svg


Adding the CALEX SMART product to the Calex App

Download the Calex Smart app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Click on the one of the logo's below while viewing this page on your phone. You can also scan the QR code found on the packaging with your phone.

google_play_logo_white.svg   Apple App Store badge_White.svg

Open the app. Are you using the app for the first time? Then follow the instructions on the screen to create your account.


Follow these instructions for adding your device.


Reset procedure

You may need to reset the product first. Click here for the reset instruction.


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