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Hi, what is test bit in Automation? I searched all the website and didn't find any thing, and tried all values, didn't figure out what it is. And there is a way to test if somethink is operational in the plug, I have a fan that is automated to start and stop at half an hour but sometimes I want to restart it when the smart plug is off ( smart plug is off ->I turn off the fan ->smart plug detect the fan is off -> smart plug on -> I start the fan ) Thank you


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    Hi Andrei,

    The 'test bit' option has no function for the user and is present incorrectly, this option will disappear in a future update.

    Concerning your question if there is an option to detect if a connected device is turned on or off:
    The smart plug allows you to measure the current draw and based on this you can determine whether a connected device is turned on or off. However, if the smart plug itself is turned off, no power can be drawn and cannot be detected by the smart plug.

    With kind regards,
    Brian - Calex Community Team

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