Schedule automation does not work for "Calex Smart Outdoor LED Buitenlamp - Slimme Grondspot"

I have bought 4 Calex Smart Outdoor LED Buitenlamp - Slimme Grondspot and I was able to connect all of them without any problems to the Calex app. I can also manually manipulate them on/off/change color /scene through the app.

But, when I tried to add them to a schedule automation routine, let's say for instance to shut down everyday at 7am, the devices just do nothing. I have others Calex lightbulbs and I have tried creating automation routines with those without any issues. So looks like the issue is specifically with these kind of external lamps.

On top of that, the device says it is compatible to connect with Alexa but all of them are always shown in the Alexa app with a "Device is unresponsive" status. So I cannot even try to automate them with Alexa either.

I will really appreciate your help with this automation issue. 



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    Hi Pablo,

    Calex Outdoor products operate via the Bluetooth Mesh protocol. To use the full functionality such as Smart Automations, you need to connect these Bluetooth Mesh products to your Wi-Fi network through the Calex Outdoor Link, see this link

    See also this link for features available with or without the Calex Outdoor Link:

    With kind regards,
    Brian - Calex Community Team

  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your prompt answer. That fully explains why I cannot use the automation feature through the Calex app.

    But that leaves me with one last doubt, by adding the "Calex Outdoor Link" to my network will also fix the "unresponsive" status in the Alexa app? 

  • Hi Pablo,

    Because your lamps are now paired directly to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, Alexa does not have direct access to your lamps via the Internet or your Wi-Fi network. This then results in an 'unresponsive', 'offline' or similar notification.
    The same of course also applies to Google Home and Siri Shortcuts.

    With kind regards,
    Brian - Calex Community Team


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